Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully as they will form a contract between us and you, your acceptance of which is agreed from the moment you sign our Website Agreement.

We have tried to keep these Terms and Conditions brief, easy to understand, and as straightforward as possible. If you have any questions however, please do not hesitate to contact us.

General Terms

The client agrees to:

Provide the company with the necessary requirements such as project requirements, text, images and other information.

Review the company work with regards to the project, provide feedback and sign-off approval in proper manner.

Agree to all milestone deadlines of the project.

Agree to the payment process of the project as described later in this document.

Must share all the documents about the project via email and details via email or whatsapp group created by us for the project.

The company agrees to:

Carry out services in professional and timely manner.

Make every effort to adhere to any deadlines agreed between us and you.

Carry out necessary maintenance and support work when needed that does not require more amount of development work.

Making the websites designed to work on all devices such as desktops. laptops, smartphones, ipads, tablets and other devices.

Making the websites designed to work on all major browser but cannot guarantee to work on most browser as there are updates/upgrades made on the browsers by respective vendors that may bring compatibility issues.

Payment Terms

The client agrees to:

Pay the project amount designated by the company at each milestone after checking the progress work of the project.

Agrees to have the demo or view of the progress of the project from the company server.

Agrees to have the demo or view of the project from the company server after the project is completed.

Agrees to have the project migrated to their server by blocking the access till the complete payment is done.

Agrees to have the payment made online to the Company founder's account (Julius Quadros) online.

Agrees not to change or add any major functionality to the project as it will result in increase of the project cost.

The company agrees to:

Carry out each project demo at each milestone set before the commencement of the project.

Migrate the project to the client server thus blocking the access to client till the final payment is made by the client.

Enable the website after the final payment is completed.

Avoid any misunderstanding between the client and the company as the disabling of the website is done to avoid payment irregularities done by client. The company offers to provide unlimited website maintenance and support.